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Running Time: 12 minutes


Lewis, a 12 year-old, agoraphobic, African-American boy lives in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles, with his Grandmother. We find him living alone, refusing to admit that his Grandmother has died. He goes outside to find a store and makes an unlikely friend, in the form of 16-year old petty thief, Javi.

Javi is intrigued by Lewis’, odd philosophy, and sense of self. Javi comes from a bleak home situation which makes him relate to Lewis and even feel protective of him.

Javi finds out that Lewis’ parents are gone, his Mother disappeared years ago and Lewis has a fear of the outside. He’s been home-schooled by his Grandmother and has developed some eccentricities. Lewis spends his time listening to old political speeches. He’s found his role models in Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, jr, FDR, Golda Meir, whose speeches he listens to ritualistically and which he’s based everything he believes about the world on. When Lewis wanders the streets of the Crenshaw district looking for a store, he encounters the ‘real world’ outside and meets Javi in the process of robbing a market. Lewis inadvertently thwarts Javi’s robbery and Javi in turn follows Lewis. Javi confronts Lewis but because of Lewis’ naivete and lack of judgment, opens up about his own troubles with his parents. Since Javi has nowhere to go, Lewis invites him to come home with him. Once there, Javi realizes that Lewis’ Grandmother is dead and offers to help bury her. Lewis and Javi forge an unlikely friendship as two troubled kids trying to make good with life as they know it.

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SHY is available with French subtitles